• ZZSH philosophy is to invite all stakeholders to work with school staff with a strong commitment to create a diverse and inclusive community of teaching and learning by delivering challenging, high quality programs which support to cultivate talents for the change.
    1. Celebrate the diversity. All students are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education.
    2. Every classroom has its own unique community.
    3. The teacher's role is to act as a mentor, a guide and a role model.
    4. Students must have access to hands-on activities.
    5. Students should be able to have choices and let their curiosity direct their learning.
    6. Students need the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment.
    7. Students need to explore who they are through learning, to construct self-value from 8. commitment, to broaden their visions through understanding in this global rapidly changing era.
    8. Technology must be incorporated into the school day.
    9. The authentic assessment must be the main approach of assessment.